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You are browsing the internet when suddenly a screen, such as below appears, showing viruses have been found on your computer.  How do you know this is fake?


  • You just loaded a website and this warning appeared - where is the website?  The answer is that you are looking at it.  The website has been hacked and what is being shown is just a screen of lies made to look like like a Windows explorer screen.
  • Ask yourself, 'why should an Explorer screen appear?'  It shouldn't and wouldn't; if you had a virus then it will be a screen or message from your virus / malware scanner that will appear NOT from windows explorer.

What should you do?

  • Do NOT run any Remove or Fix option - if you can, close your browser and restart it or click on the browsers 'Home' button (usually a house image).  If your browser is set to open the last closed pages by default then try typing into the address bar to get away from the bad site.  If you cannot close the browser because of annoying popups, then Hold down the 'Ctrl' and the 'Alt' keys (usually to the left of the space bar) and then with those keys still pressed also press the 'Del' key once.  This should start (or give you a menu with a start) 'Task Manager'.  In task manager there are a series of tabs near the top from which you need to select 'Applications' or 'Processes' (it will probably be selected already) and then select your browser and click the 'End Task' button; repeat for each browser in the list.  (Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Safari).  If this does not solve the problem then select the shutdown menu and choose restart to restart the computer.

I have already run the repair or fix option - what do I do?

  • Download and install a Good Anti-malware program such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (from and run a Full System Scan - this could take hours so be prepared!  Some variations of this scam prevent the installation and running of the Anti-Malware programs - in this instance you may have to call in an expert.  (And we don't mean one of the high street nationals who will most likely just erase your computer and install as it came from the factory - WITHOUT your photos etc!!)

Example screens: