Virus Removal

File Recovery or Military Grade File Destruction

Computer Repair and Upgrade

Internet setup and Networking

01333 340417 (UK)

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Keep your computer at its prime.

Have your computer regularly checked so that it is up to date with all the essential updates, virus and malware protection, clear of any malicious programs and has good air flow through it.

This service is usually done at base by either bringing your device to us or we can collect, and takes several hours.

If you prefer, we can perform the Health checks at your home, however there may be an additional surcharge for any excess time (over 2 hours including travel time).

Annual repeating subscriptions are also available if required, covering up to 2 computers per instance.  Once a payment is received, we will contact you to make arrangements to collect, or for drop off, give us a call to let us know when you would like to call in with your computer(s); (please ensure you also bring any laptop power supplies.)


Peace of mind with the automatically reorder of an annual PC health check.